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T5 & T6 Front Speaker Audio Upgrade Kit

T5 & T6 Front Speaker Audio Upgrade Kit


T5 & T6 8” Component Speaker Upgrade Kit 


VisionTech Automotive now offers a direct replacement of the 4 original front speakers as a kit in collaboration with Focal. They easily replace the original speakers in 16cm by models in 20 cm and brings you a rich sound in the bass, and a beautiful musicality, and an improved detail thanks to our two focal tweeters Aluminum / magnesium inverted dome .


This kit offers additional reliability and the butyl suspension ensures excellent durability of your speakers. You can enjoy the Focal sound for a long time thanks to a high quality design: the manufacturing processes and the choice of materials are always in the minds of the brand's engineers, to guarantee a result that meets your ambitions.

  • Installation Type

    Plug & Play (speaker, accessories), works with original head unit, or amplifier.

  • Installation Time

    Approx 1 hour for complete front component kit.

  • Skill Difficaulty

    Fairly Low. Requires removal of Door cards and A Pillars.

    Will also require the use of a drill to remove exisiting rivits, as well as a revit gun to install new speaker spacer pod.

  • Tech Specs

    • Woofer: 200 mm
    • Coil diameter: 25 mm
    • Max power : 160 W
    • Power name. :80 W RMS
    • Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m): 93 dB
    • Built-in filter: 6 dB / oct
    • Frequency response: 40 Hz -21 kHz
    • Al / Mg inverted dome tweeter
    • Accessories : delivered without grid
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