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VA Stealth Flap Hinge Bracket

VA Stealth Flap Hinge Bracket


In the unfortunate event that the Stealth Flap has been over strained the sacrifical part will require replacing. This is the simplest part to swap in the event of breakage.


This part is suitable for either OS or NS version.


Minimum tools required:

- Hex tool and Philips screw driver to remove screws

  • Installation Type

    Complete Kit, Self install. Requires fabrication of original OEM grille

  • Installation Time

    Approx 10 mins top grille disassembly.

    Approx 10 mins to remove and disconnect existing retainer

    Approx 15 mins to remount and wire new retainer and refix top part of grille.

  • Skill Difficulty


    Requires removing top part of grille and 240v wiring knowledge

  • Tech Specs

    • Polyethylene terephthalate glycol based parts
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