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VTA eGrille Badge Adapter

VTA eGrille Badge Adapter


In the unfortunate event that the badge adapter is damaged from impact or if you want to change the colour this is a replacement badge adpater.

You will need to aquire an original VW black plastic backing plate for the badge aswell as the chrome or equivilant badge for a vw T6 or T6.1. 


Please see our fitting tutorial regarding this item and its installation.


Fitting tutorial video


Minimum tools required:

-  long flat head screwdriver or tool to press the retainer clip on the door to rotate and remove the current badge.


Tech support is available.


The VTA eGrille is a new way to charge up your leisure batteries with ease.

You simply push the badge to open, plug-in, and your all set up and charging.

  • Installation Type

    Complete Kit, Self install. Requires fabrication of original OEM grille

  • Installation Time

    Approx 10 mins top grille disassembly.

    Approx 10 mins to remove and disconnect existing retainer

    Approx 15 mins to remount and wire new retainer and refix top part of grille.

  • Skill Difficulty


    Requires removing top part of grille and 240v wiring knowledge

  • Tech Specs

    • Polyethylene terephthalate glycol based parts
  • Downloads / Links

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