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VA T6 & T6.1 eGrille Self Fit Kit

VA T6 & T6.1 eGrille Self Fit Kit


VA eGrille Self Fit Kit T6 & T6.1 only


Fitting tutorial video


Included in the kit:


- Bonding kit

- eGrille parts

- 230v 16amp plug (Male) CEE

- Pack of fixings

- Sprung loaded door


Minimum tools required:


- Dremel w sanding collar and cutting wheel or hacksaw blade

- Sand paper (appox 80 grit for scoring)

- Trim tools

- Caulking gun (manual)

- Speed clamp 73mm x2

- Spring clamps (rubber tipped) x3

- Drill with hole cutter or stepped bit 

- 2.5mm drill bit

- Cross head screwdriver


Tech support is available.


Some fabrication skills are required to fit. If you can use tools like a dremel you can fit this kit.


The VA eGrille is a new way to charge up your leisure batteries with ease. This premium version is bonded in place with an integrated push to open/close door mechinisum with integrated latch. It offers true OEM looks and feels like its been made as part of the original factory built vehicle. 


You simply push the badge to open, plug-in, and your all set up and charging.


Not suitable for aftermarket grilles, additional fabrication required for ABT modifications.

  • Installation Type

    Complete Kit, Self install. Requires fabrication of original OEM grille

  • Installation Time

    Approx 2 hours Grille removal, cutting and bonding

    Approx 15 mins Badge prep and bonding

    Min 12 hours drying time

    Approx 2 hours reassembly

  • Skill Difficulty

    Advanced. Some fabrication skills are required to cut and bond kit into grille.

    Requires removal of bumber and detachment of grille.

  • Tech Specs

    • Polyethylene terephthalate glycol based parts
    • ABS and Rubber moulded  insert and door
    • Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant
    • Liquid Etching Primer
  • Downloads / Links

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