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Sunshade Awning

Newly developed awning based off of our top selling sunshade awning. 


This Sunshade awning is our main go to when we are going away in the vans. With is revolutionary design and shape we can rely on this awning to keep us dry in the wetter seasons, as this awning is made out of a water proof material. As well as keeping us cooler in the hotter seasons.

Awning 1.jpg

What's New?

Compact Storage

As with all things inside a Camper van you're normally looking for a place to store it. With this awning canvas it simply folds down into a compact bag and can be stored in any small storage space, like under a front double seat for example. 

Awning 1.jpg

Carbon Fiber Poles

The awning poles are now made from carbon fiber, giving them the strength they need to keep the awning up, but also maintaining their lightness so they are easy to put up, take down & store away.

NEW Structure Poles

The new poles system allows you to easily build up your awning on the ground. There are 2 sets of poles joined together by single piece of elastic cord, just like you'd find on most tent poles. This will allow you build up your poles and thread them through the awning giving you the domed shape.

Awning 1.jpg

Marine Grade Material

Although this is a sunshade awning first we made sure that it would be made out of a water proof material. This allows you to get the complete use out of your awning, and because of its shape you never have to worry about puddles of water on top of your awning.

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