Isabella North Crockery Set 16pc

Isabella North Crockery Set 16pc


This delightful melamine crockery set consists of dinner plates, lunch plates, cereal bowls and cups. Plates and bowls are oval shaped for ease of storage in your cabinets.


    Thanks to the shape and size, you can store many more items in your cabinets than you could with round plates and bowls. All items are white, imprinted with the Isabella porthole, and with a petrol-blue bottom. In addition, all items have a silicone-coated ring underneath to prevent slipping.

    Dishwasher-safe (max. 70 degrees).

    Not microwave-safe.

    16 pcs. 
    4 x (32 x 25 cm) dinner plates
    4 x (22 x 17,5 cm) lunch plates
    4 x (18 x 15 cm) cereal bowls
    4 x (Ø 8 cm) cups with handles